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    Apply to serve on one of our Commissioner-appointed volunteer panels, boards or commissions.

    Volunteer Board Application

    The Mesa County Board of Commissioners invite individuals to apply for the following panels, boards, and commissions.  

    Current Openings

  •  Mesa County Board of Adjustment

    Deadline for application: June 30, 2015 or until filled

    Two appointments for alternates will be made.

    The seven-member Mesa County Board of Adjustment has authority to make special exceptions to the terms of the zoning regulations.  May also interpret zoning maps and pass upon disputed questions of lot lines or district boundary lines or similar questions, as they may arise in the administration of zoning regulations.  May also hear appeals by persons aggrieved by their inability to obtain a building permit or by the decision of any administrative officer or agency made in the course of the administration or enforcement of the provisions of the zoning resolution.

     Mesa County Noxious Weed Advisory Board

    Deadline for application: Open until filled

    One appointment for alternate will be made. 

    Two appointments for regular board member will be made.

    This Board makes recommendations regarding the management plan for designated noxious weeds, recommends action to be taken to control or eradicate noxious weeds and declares certain weed species as noxious.  Candidates must be residents of the unincorporated portion of Mesa County and a majority of the board must be landowners of over forty acres.  Terms are for five years.  

     Mesa County Tri-Partite Board for Community Services Block Grant

    Deadline for application:  Will remain open to build pool of interested parties.

    The primary purpose of the Tri-Partite Board is to advise the Mesa County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) concerning the administration of the Community Services Block Grant program, pursuant to the Community Services Block Grant Act, Pub. Law 105-285, § 676B, 42 U.S.C. 9910, as amended.  In addition, the Tri-Partite Board may make funding recommendations concerning Community Services Block Grants to the Department of Human Services, and the BoCC. 

    The Tri-Partite Board shall consist of a tripartite structure, which is defined as having three (03) equal parts. All members of the Tri-Partite Board shall reside in Mesa County.  In addition, pursuant to the Community Services Block Grant Act, § 676B(b), 42 U.S.C. § 9910, Tri-Partite Board members will be appointed by the BOCC in accordance with democratic selection procedures to assure that not fewer than one-third (1/3) of the Tri-Partite Board members are:

    1. Representative of low-income individuals and families in the neighborhoods served; and
    2. Elected public officials, holding office on the date of the selection, or their representative; and
    3. Members of the private sector (business, education etc.)

    Terms are for two years.

  • If you have questions please call (970) 244-1885.  
    Thank you.

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