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  •  Advisory Board of Animal Services

    The Advisory Board of Animal Services acts in an advisory capacity to the Mesa County Board of Commissioners on matters of animal control and welfare. Mesa County Contact: Doug Frye (970) 242-4646

     Board of Adjustment

    This board was created pursuant to statute and the Mesa County Land Development Code.  The Board of Adjustment is responsible for hearing appeals of administrative decisions and reviewing zoning variances.  For more information on this board, visit:  Meetings of this board occur when necessary.   The panel is comprised of five members and two alternates.  Terms are for three years.

    Contact the Mesa County Planning Department (970) 244-1636

     Board of Health

    The Mesa County Board of Health functions under the guidance of the Carver Policy Governance Model.  Information about this model can be found at the following web address (  

    The Mesa County Board of Health is charged with setting public health policies, and then working with the Mesa County Public Health Director and advising the Board of County Commissioners to ensure that appropriate and necessary efforts are in place so that public health policies are being addressed. The Mesa County Health Department administers programs and services that protect the health of Mesa County residents.    

    The Board of Health meets at the Mesa County Health Department at 2:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month, with additional meetings as needed. The Board of Health is comprised of five members. Terms are for five years. 

    County Contact Person: Jeff Kuhr, Director, Mesa County Health Department, 248-6974.

     Building Code Board of Appeals

    The Building Code Board of Appeals may make special exceptions to the terms of the building code; formulate suggested amendments to the building code for consideration by the County Commissioners. Mesa County Contact: Mike Mossburg, Building Department (970) 244-1655

     Citizen Review Panel

    The Citizen Review Panel was created by Resolution MCM 98-209 and pursuant to 19-3-211(1)(b), C.R.S., 1997.

    The function of this five-member panel is to assist the Board of Mesa County Commissioners by providing a conflict resolution process for grievances concerning the conduct of the County Department of Human Services personnel. Demonstrable personal or professional knowledge and experience with children required.
    Terms are for two years.

    Contact: Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860 or email

     Collbran Cemetery Board

    To acquire, hold, and convey real and personal property for cemetery purposes. Contact Mesa County Administration (970)244-1860 or email

     Colorado State University Extension Tri River Area Advisory Committee

    The Colorado State University Extension Tri River Area Advisory Committee is established pursuant to C.R.S. 23-34-104, to assist local extension personnel in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and performance.  

    The Committee is made up of 18 members.  Mesa County, Delta County, and Montrose County each appoint 5 members; Ouray County appoints 3.  Terms are for three years.

    Mesa County Contact: Doug Dean, Extension Director, Tri River Area Extension, (970)244-1834.

     Community Corrections Board

    The Community Corrections Board establishes priorities, standards, long-range plans, and financial support for correctional services. 

    Mesa County Contact: Dennis Berry, Criminal Justice Services (970) 244-3344

     Community Services Block Grant Tri-Partite Advisory Committee
    The primary purpose of the Committee is to advise the Mesa County Board of County Commissioners concerning the administration of the Community Services Block Grant Program. Contact: Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860 or email
     Elmwood Cemetery Board

    To acquire, hold, and convey real and personal property for cemetery purposes. Contact: Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860 or email

     Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council

    This council is charged with advising the Board of Commissioners on matters related to Emergency Medical Services. The council's goal is to continually improve emergency medical services across Mesa County.   The council is composed of eleven members, with representatives from various specialties. For more information about this council, visit:

    Meetings of this council occur on the third Monday of each month from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. Terms are for three years.

    County contact: Christopher Rowland, Emergency Management Coordinator, 255-5078, or Mesa County Administration, 244-1860,

     Floodplain Board of Appeals

    To hear and decide appeals and requests for variances and appeals to decisions by the floodplain administrator regarding interpretation of floodplain boundaries, issuance or non- issuance of a floodplain development permit. Contact: Carrie Gudorf (970)  244-1811

     Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority

    The Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority Board is charged with setting policy and overseeing the operations of the Grand Junction Regional Airport; ensuring compliance with its bylaws, the State of Colorado Public Airport Authority Law, and with FAA regulations.  The Airport Authority Board meets at the Grand Junction Regional Airport at 5:15 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month, with additional committee meetings as needed.  The Airport website contains information about the board at

    The board is composed of seven members, of which Mesa County appoints three.  Terms are for four years.

    Contact: Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860 or email  

     Mesa - Molina Cemetery Board

    To acquire, hold, and convey real and personal property for cemetery purposes. Contact:Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860

     Mesa County Executive Fair Board

    Plans, manages, and conducts various programs to produce the Mesa County Fair during the third week of July. 

    Contact: Donna Redd, Fairgrounds Manager, (970) 256-1532

     Mesa County Public Library District Board

    The seven-member Mesa County Libraries Board of Trustees governs the Mesa County Public Library District. The Board of Trustees adopts and oversees the budget, bylaws and policies; conducts long-range planning; and hires and evaluates the library Director. Trustees are unpaid volunteers and terms are for five years.

    The Board meets once a month (with the exception of November), usually on the last Thursday. For more information on this board, visit:

    Contact: Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860

     Noxious Weed Advisory Board

    To develop a recommended management plan for designated noxious weeds and to declare noxious weeds and any state designated noxious weeds to be subject to management.

    Members shall be of the unincorporated portion of the county, with a majority of the members landowners of over 40 acres.  Five members, two alternates.

    Mesa County Contact:  Teresa Nees, (970)255-7121.

     Planning Commission

    The Mesa County Planning Commission adopts the Master Plan for future Development of unincorporated Mesa County, reviews general land use matters and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners based upon the Mesa County Land Development Code and Master Plan.  Knowledge of zoning and general land use matters is recommended. 

    For more information on this commission, visit:

    The commission is comprised of seven members and three alternates. Terms are for three years. 

    Contact: Mesa County Planning Department (970) 244-1771

     Riverfront Commission

    The Riverfront Commission is charged with planning, advocating and implementing the many parts of a program to redevelop and reclaim the riverfront within the City and County. The members may be required to meet informally for approximately 5 to 10 hours each week in study sessions. The meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Public Meeting Room in the old courthouse at 544 Rood, Grand Junction, CO 81501. 

    The eleven member board serves three year terms that expire in July and are appointed jointly by the Grand Junction City Council, Mesa County Commissioners, Fruita City Council and Palisade Town Council.   

    You may apply to serve on this board by submitting a letter of interest accompanied by an application and brief resume addressed to the Grand Junction City Council, c/o the City Clerk, 250 N. 5th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501.  You may visit for more information.

    Contact: Mesa County Administration (970) 244-1860

     Upper Grand Valley Pest District Advisory Board

    To make recommendations to protect the district from being invaded by noxious weeds, insect pests, or plant diseases injurious to agricultural crops, trees, fruits, or pasture. 

    Contact:  Teresa Nees, (970) 255-7121

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