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  Mesa County Building Department Fee Schedule

New Construction:

To determine the applicable building permit fee for new construction, including additions, refer to the Mesa County Building Department Fee Schedule. Locate the use of the building from the left column. Locate the construction type from one of the vertical columns. For residential one and two family construction and their related structures, use the VB (far right) column for square foot construction costs.

Determine the total valuation of the project by multiplying the area in square feet of the structure by the dollar amount indicated on the table.

Refer to the Mesa County Building Department Fee Schedule and locate the valuation from the Data chart for the correct permit fee. Valuations will be rounded up in all cases.

Remodel work:

Determine the applicable building permit fee for remodel work and all other building up-grades from  Mesa County Building Department Fee Schedule, based on the valuation of the project.

Miscellaneous fees:

Refer to Mesa County Building Department Fee Schedule for all other permit fees.

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