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Obtaining Inspection Results  

Inspection results can be obtained over the phone only for those inspections that have been scheduled through the IVR.

To obtain inspection results after the greeting, press 3. You will be asked to enter the permit number followed by the pound (#) sign. The permit number and address will be spoken to you. If correct, press 1. If not correct, press 2 and reenter. You will be instructed, "Press 1 for Building Inspections, 2 for Plumbing Inspections, 3 for Mechanical Inspections or 4 for Electrical Inspections. Make your selection."

Next you will be asked to enter the two-digit Inspection Code. The inspection type will be spoken to you. If correct, press 1. If not correct, press 2 and reenter. The inspection results will be spoken to you. You will now be given the choice to receive a confirmation number and hang up by pressing 1, hear inspection results for the same permit number by pressing 2, hear inspection results for another permit number by pressing 3 or return to the Main Menu by pressing 4.

If you are trying to obtain inspection results for an inspection that the inspector has not yet made, you will hear the message, "Sorry, the results of the inspection you entered are not yet available."

You can also obtain inspection results on line.



Go to our website:

  1. Hover your mouse over Departments: SelectBuilding” under the main heading Community Resources 
  2. On the left hand side under Quick Links: SelectPermit Records 1988 to Current 
  3. On the right hand side of the screen: click  the blue button labeled “Begin Permit Search Here 
  4. A new eTrakiT screen will open and under the title “Permits”; clickSearch Permit 
  5. Under the title “Permitsagain; select>Search Permit 
  6. Change theSearch By” criteria to match the information you have to perform your search: (ie: Permit_Issue_Date, Site_Address, Permit_Number, Site_Parcel_Number etc.) 
  7. Verify  the secondary search criteria is set to “Contains”, if it is not set at this criteria then use the small black arrow to access the drop down menu and change it accordingly. 
  8. Enter the pertinent information to perform your search excluding any special characters in addresses. Press Enter and a list of permits will appear that match the information you entered. 
  9. Using the “Tabs” at the top of the searched results page you can access the following information:

Tabs = Permit Info / Site Info / Contacts / Fees $0.00 / Inspections / Reviews

    1. Permit Status’s ie: Under Review, Incomplete, Approved, Issued etc.
    2. Missing Information (If any) for plan reviews
    3. Fee’s Due
    4. Issue Dates, Finalized Dates
    5. Certificate of Occupancy
    6. Supporting Documentation for Permit
    7. And more…..

 ***** Instructions to Print Documents from Our Website *****


**Select the permit that matches your search by highlighting the permit line in blue and clicking on it – this will open up the actual permit. 

**Scroll to the bottom of the screen, under “Attachments” you will find “ pdf ” document files that can be printed from any computer. Click on the file you want to print. A copy will download to your computer files and you can then print the information.

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