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    The Grandstands is a large outdoor venue that has hosted a variety of events including equestrian, circuses, concerts and more. The Grandstands has a main arena, a practice arena, and a pit area. Seating is fixed but additional bleachers can be brought in to increase the number of seating for certain events. Fully furnished with an announcer's booth, stadium lighting, and a PA system with rodeo chutes and corrals available for your event. 

    No outside food or drink allowed in the Grandstands.
    No animals allowed in the Grandstands.
  •  Alcohol Sales



    The exceptions to the alcohol policy are in the licensed area of the Grandstands when alcoholic beverages are being sold at the concessions, at designated areas when a special event liquor license has been issued, or at a private event where alcohol is given away. 
    Please see our Event Holders Guide for additional information.
    Fixed Seats
    2,500 to 3,000 
     Dimensions and Information

    Grandstands Complex:
    Square Feet
    Grandstands Building
    77' x 147' 11,319 sq. ft.
    Indoor Area  
    - 5,600 sq. ft.
    Main Arena  
    280' x 125' 35,000 sq. ft.
    Practice Arena  
    262' x 127' 33,274 sq. ft.
    Staging 'Pit' Area  
    - 353,550 sq. ft.
    Main Parking Lot  
    322' x 1076' 346,472 sq. ft.
    Dirt Lot  
    128' x 985' 126,080 sq. ft.

    This area hosts ticketed spectator events such as the Shrine Circus, bull riding, concerts, and rodeos.  This area consists of the Stadium (bleachers), the Grandstand Lobby (concessions and restrooms), the Grandstands Arena, the Practice Arena, and the Pit: an adjacent staging area for animal pens, participant parking, or equipment parking, an Announcer’s Booth, plus use of the Main Parking Lot for spectators.  

    For the most up to date rental rates and  fees associated with renting this and other facilities at the Fairgrounds, please refer to the Event Holder's Guide. If you have questions about renting our facilities, please contact us for more information.

    A damage deposit is required to reserve our facilities. Rental fees are to be paid in full 30 days prior. The damage deposit is refunded by check from the County after the facility has been inspected for possible damages.  

     Grandstand Complex

    The Grandstand Complex includes the Lobby and Concessions area, the Main and Practice Arenas, and the Staging Area. These facilities can all be rented as one or can be rented separately depending on your event needs.

    Lobby & Concessions
    The Lobby area is great for vendor booths and trade shows and contains the Concessions where food and drink are available for sale.
    Main Arena  The Main Arena has hosted a variety of events including equestrian shows and rodeos, circuses, as well as concerts.
    Practice Arena The Practice Arena is located behind the Main Arena and is available to be used along with the Main Arena or separately from it.
    Staging 'Pit' Area
    The Staging area is also located behind the Main Arena and has been used in conjunction with holding livestock for equestrian shows. 


     Rental Inquiry

    To inquire about renting this or any other facility available at the Fairgrounds, please refer to the Event Holder's Guide.  You can also fill out and submit the Facility Rental Inquiry Form. You can choose to either submit by e-mail or print it out and mail it to our office. 

    E-mail to:         
          Mail to:
          Mesa County Fairgrounds
          P.O. Box 20,000
          Grand Junction, CO 81502-5040


    Rodeos, equestrian events, circuses, as well as concerts.

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