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Fair Board Members 

  • 2016 Mesa County Executive Fair Board Members

     Executive Fair Board

    Left to Right: Richard White; Kyle Carstens; Kevin Bates; Brad Stieg;

    Helen Roe; Mailyn D'Aponti; Matt Katzenberger; Wes D'Aponti

  •  President - Kyle Carstens

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2011
    Term Expires: 2017
    Occupation: Owner - Domino's Pizza - Orchard Mesa
    Fair Favorites: watching the kids doing contests & dedication of 4-H kids
    Quote: Quitters Never Win... Winners Never Quit

     Vice President - Wes D'Aponti

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2010
    Term Expires: 2017
    Occupation: Director of Environment, Health & Safety
    Fair Favorites: Livestock Competition, Bull Ride, Ranch Rodeo
     Wes D'Aponti

     Treasurer - Helen Roe

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2012
    Term Expires: 2018
    Occupation: Small Business Coach, Commercial Lender at Business Incubator
    Fair Favorites: 4-H Program; Seeing all the animals & Wine Competition/Tasting
    "It has been an honor to sit on the Fair Board and, in a small way, help to promote the growth and prosperity of the Mesa County Fair."

     Secretary - Helen Roe

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2013
    Term Expires: 2016
    Occupation: Office Manager, Ruby Canyon Dental
    Fair Favorites: working with the kids & watching them grow & develop

                  Mailyn D'Aponti 
    "This is an important community project and 
    working with the kids makes it that more special."   

  •  Brad Stieg

     Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2014
    Term Expires: 2017
    Occupation: Purchasing Manager - Reynolds Polymer
    Fair Favorites: 4-H Shows & Auction
    Quote: Win or Lose, Tomorrow's Another Day.
    Brad Stieg

     Kevin Bates

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2014
    Term Expires: 2017
    Occupation: I.T. Administrator - Colorado Mesa University
    Fair Favorites: Working with the Fair Board, Fairgrounds Management & employees, and all the volunteers during the Fair.
    Quote: Volunteers are what the Fair is built on!
    Kevin Bates 

     Matt Katzenberger

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2014
    Term Expires: 2017
    Occupation: Firefighter/EMT-I - Lower Valley Fire District
    Fair Favorites: Livestock Shows & Sale
     Matt Katzenberger 

  •  Richard White

    Fair Board: Member
    Member Since: 2008
    Term Expires: Ex-Officio
    Occupation: Regional Sales Manager / MWS
    Fair Favorites: Bull Riding, Beef Show, Ranch Rodeo, Fireworks
     Richard White

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