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Noxious Weed and Pest Management
Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District  

The Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District was formed in 1965 under Colorado Revised Statutes Title 35, Article 5, “Pest Control Districts”. Since it was established, the District has been renewed repeatedly with support from commercial fruit growers.

The purpose of the District is to protect commercial growers from insect, disease, and weed infestations as per C.R.S. Title 35, Article 4, the “Pest Control Act”. Enforcement is accomplished through the Mesa County Horticulture Pest & Weed Representative. The Representative enforces the law, responds to complaints, makes sure that neglected or unmanaged fruit trees are cared for or removed, inspects nursery stock, educates the public, and identifies and manages weed infestations. An Advisory Committee made up of local growers assists the Representative and directs the operation of the District. 


Colorado State University and Utah State University have put together a guide with more information on fruit tree production. Please download the UT-CO Fruit Tree Guide in pdf format

UT CO Guide

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