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Fruit Tree Removal Program  


Fruit Tree Removal Program 

Unmanaged backyard fruit trees can be a threat to commercial fruit tree production. Insect pests and diseases on these trees can easily move into orchards, increasing the amount of pesticides growers must use and making pest control more difficult.  Homeowners within the boundaries of the Pest Control District are required by law to control pests on their fruit trees.  

In an effort to help keep our fruit industry healthy the Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District is sponsoring a Fruit Tree Removal Program. The program is intended for backyard fruit tree owners within the boundaries of the Pest District. Apple, apricot, crabapple, cherry, nectarine, peach, plum, and pear trees are eligible for the program. Participants will be paid $15-$50/tree removed (maximum $250). Tree size and condition will determine the amount paid for removal. This amount will be declared at the initial inspection. Initial and post removal inspections are required. To participate in the program you MUST follow the steps below:

1. Call 255-7121 to set up an appointment for an initial inspection (please leave a message).
2. During the initial inspection a technician will visit the property to evaluate the tree(s) targeted for removal. Instructions will be given on how to effectively remove the tree(s) and prevent regrownth. Tree removal will be the owner's responsibility.
3. After removal the owner will call to set up a post-removal inspection.
4. A check will be mailed to the owner

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