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Codes, Plans, & Policies  

Important codes, plans, policies, and agreements utilized by the Planning Division:

  • Mesa County Master Plan
    • Future land use goals, policies, strategies and guidelines managing growth within Mesa County
  • Community Planning Areas 
    •  Areas within Mesa County and their coordinating plans, policies, maps, and other important information
  • Energy Master Plan (Mineral & Energy Resources Master Plan) 
    • Policies related to all energy and mineral resources in the county including natural gas, petroleum, coal, uranium, solar, wind, other renewables, and minerals
  • Wireless Master Plan
    • Combines land-use planning strategies with radio frequency engineering models to create an illustrative planning tool to help manage the development of wireless communication sites
  •  Intergovernmental  
    •  Coordination of planning in areas of joint interests with federal, municipal, and other agencies
  • Interim Development Policies
    • Policies adopted by the Mesa County Board of County Commissioners to guide development prior to the availability of urban services and infrastructure 

The Code and plans available through the above links are provided for reference only.  The Code and plans as adopted in resolutions are the official version.  We have attempted to ensure that the electronic versions found on this website are current and accurate.  However, if there is any discrepancy between the adopted resolution and the electronic version found on this website, the adopted resolution controls.  Please bring any discrepancy you notice to the attention of the Planning Division. 

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