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  •  Mineral and Energy Resources Master Plan(2)

    The Mesa County Mineral and Energy Resources Master Plan was adopted in 2011 by the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.  The purpose of the Plan is to ensure that mineral and energy resources in Mesa County can be developed in a way that minimizes potential negative impacts to local quality of life. In addition to being the County's "Energy Master Plan" the Plan applies to all mineral and energy resources ("Resources" in the document) and updates and replaces the 1985 Mineral Extraction Policies.  

    Mineral and energy resources provide an excellent opportunity for economic growth within Mesa County in terms of jobs, capital investments, and secondary (spin-off) industries. It is understandable that the development of these resources will also influence existing community infrastructure in terms of transportation, the environment, noise, view sheds, air, soils, wildlife, and watersheds. The  Master Plan is a policy document directing Resource development to appropriate locations and describing measures to avoid, minimize, or mitigate impacts on sensitive areas and to the community.  

  •  What is the Energy Master Plan?

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