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Electronic Permitting System
Step 3 - Application  

You have 6 months from the date of the pre-application meeting to submit an application to the Mesa County Planning Division.  If you need additional time, please contact the planner who assisted you in the pre-application meeting.  The planner will check to see if regulations have changed or if new information is available before considering an extension of time to apply. 

You can access your SIRE Active Review account to view your pre-application record for notes or instructions and to retrieve any files that are necessary to submit with your application (e.g. maps and forms).   

Once you have submitted your application, County staff has up to 10 calendar days to determine whether or not it is complete.  If it is not complete, you will be notified by e-mail that additional or revised documentation is needed.  The e-mail will provide you a link to the Sire Active Review web site so you can log in and see specific comments and messages and submit additional information.  Please respond as soon as possible to requests for information so the review process can proceed as quickly as possible.

The Board of County Commissioners has suspended application fees for the year 2012 with an exception for filing appeals of administrative decisions.  An application for an appeal is $250.00

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