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General Questions 

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  •  As a review agency, can I edit or delete individual markup items in my Brava View markup layer for any given file?


    • First select your markup layer for viewing and editing.
    • Then, at the top of the Brava Viewer annotate tool bar collection; use the "select" tool on the left side of the screen. This will enable to you activate any of your markup pieces (mouse over the markup item and left mouse button click to select the item) in your layer and modify or delete them.
    • You can also add other markups to your markup layer at this time as well.

     Can the applicant delete errors or mistakes?

    This depends on the type of error and correction needed. Contact the assigned MC Planner so they can discuss it with you and grant you the necessary permissions, if necessary.

     How are signed and sealed final drawings handled?

    By way of the current method, hard copy via the Mesa County Engineering Division.

     How do I give my consultant team, builder or business partners access to my application?

    Through the “invite others” function/link which can be found within the action center of each review listed in your SIRE Active Review account. Invitees can respond to tasks, add notes and files and revise files. They cannot cancel the application and they cannot return the application to the Planning Division for further review.

     How do I know if I need to work on a review I have submitted?

    There are several indicators to watch for;

    1. An email message will be sent to you prompting you for some sort of action needed on a review,
    2. From your home screen in SIRE Active Review, there are task and file revision indicators to indicate the number of uncompleted tasks that exist and files that have been marked up and need revised, and
    3. From within the review, the action center will give you written information on actions you need to perform on that particular review.

     How do I save my work so I won’t lose it if my SIRE Active Review or SIRE Web Center session times out?

    • For an application. Applicant - click on continue to submit the application or finish later to your entries up to that time. MC Staff – click on save and continue.
    • For a note – click on save in the note entry box.
    • For a task – MC Staff and Review Agencies only – click on add task
    • For file markup layers – MC Staff and Review Agencies only – click on save markups.

     How do I submit a signature?

    Documents in the files list in Active Review that need signature(s) must be printed, signed, scanned and submitted by clicking on the Revise Files link on the right side of the row where the document is listed. There is no provision for electronic signatures currently.

     How does a neighbor view and/or comment on an application?

    The public will be able to see selected documents from the application on the Planning Division web site under Development Applications. They can call or e-mail the Planner with comments. The Planner will add those comments to the application documents in Active Review on line.

     What if I can't read a note that has been entered or add a note?

    Contact the assigned Mesa County Planner so they can make the note public so you can see it and/or grant you permissions to be able to add a note.

     What is the SIRE Active Review & SIRE Web Center idle session timeout limit?

    . 60 minutes of sitting idle with no activity or data entry and your session will auto time out / disconnect.

     What is the text character limit when entering a note in response to completing a task?

    1000 characters

     What is the text character limit when entering a note?

    The limit is very high or essentially unlimited.

     What is the text character limit when entering a task?

    1000 characters

     What is the wild card character to use for document searches through the Reviews and Documents tab?


     Which SIRE File Storage Cabinets are for storing files from reviews manually conducted in the past and how far back do the historical files go?

    Historical SIRE Cabinets Dating Back To 1972

    Planning Commercial Site Plan

    Planning Commissn Minutes

    Planning Plat Books

    Planning Plat Maps

    Planning Project Files

    Residential Site Plans 07-10-2012

     Which SIRE File Storage Cabinets are for storing new electronic reviews?

    New SIRE Cabinets Used By SIRE Active Review







     Who are tasks intended for?

    The applicant. Tasks should not be created for or directed at Mesa County Planning staff or review agencies.

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