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Technical Questions 

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  •  How do I change my SIRE Active Review account password?

    Login to your account, click on the account tab and modify your account password. If you cannot remember your account password, contact Mesa County Planning and request your password be reset.

     How do I change my SIRE Web Center account password?

    Login to your account, click on preferences under the home tab, click on change password and follow the instructions. Provide your existing password, then your new password.

     I had difficulty installing the Brava View plugin. Is there a way to install it manually to get around the web browser installer errors?
     Is the MAC operating system supported or the use of iPads with SIRE Active Review?


     What are the PC system requirements?

    Your PC must be running a Window operating system and using Internet Explorer v7, 8 or 9.

     What file types can I submit?

    The following 22 file types are currently setup in the system. Others can be added upon request. Submit a request with Mesa County Planning. File types include bmp,csf, doc, docx, dwg, dxf, dwf, gif, htm, html, jpg, jpeg, pcx, pdf, pg2, pgn, png, tiff, tif, vsd, xls, xlsx

     What is the website link for SIRE Active Review?
     What is the website link for SIRE Web Center?

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