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FAQs: Zoning  

Does the County have jurisdiction over my property?

What causes annexation into a municipality?

What can I do on my property?

What is zoning?

Zoning is used to guide future growth by delineating districts and establishing regulations that govern the allowed uses and placement of structures on properties for specific purposes (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).  All parcels in Mesa County are zoned and regulated under a uniform set of regulations (Mesa County Land Development Code).  Development and construction must meet these criteria before being approved for construction or use.  Zoning protects the public by requiring neighboring properties to conform to the regulations of the zone district. You may look up the zoning on any Mesa County property on our Consolidated Zoning District Map. Or, you may contact us or visit the Planning Division

What are setbacks?

What are the setbacks on my property?

What if my lot is on the corner of two streets?

Can I build a fence?

Can I subdivide my land?

Can I build a second house on my property?

Can I deed a portion of my lot to my kids?

How can I make a complaint?

Why do you require pre-application meetings?

What is a General Meeting and what are they for?

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