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Releasing Deeds of Trust  

Requirements upon satisfaction of indebtedness (Section 38-35-124, C.R.S.)

Whenever all indebtedness secured by a lien on real property has been satisfied, Unless the debtor requests in writing that the lien not be released, the creditor or holder of the indebtedness shall within 90 days after the satisfaction of the indebtedness and receipt from the debtor the reasonable costs of procuring and recording the release documents necessary to release or satisfy the lien of record or, in the case of an indebtedness secured by a Deed of Trust to a Public Trustee, file with the Public Trustee the documents required for a release as prescribed by Section 38-39-102, C.R.S.

To execute a release of Deed of Trust, it is necessary to submit the following to the Public Trustee's Office:

  • Request for Release of Deed of Trust Form signed by all holders of the Evidence of Debt (normally a Promissory Note) or their attorney or agent.  Lenders' signatures must be acknowledged by a Notary Public.
  • The original Evidence of Debt (Promissory Note) marked "Paid in Full," signed by holder(s) of the Evidence of Debt
  • Copy of recorded Deed of Trust
  • Check made out to "Mesa County Public Trustee" in the amount of $28.00 for a one-page Request for Release (or $33.00 for a two-page Request for Release; $5.00 additional recording cost for each additional page).  This amount includes the Public Trustee fee of $15.00 as well as the Clerk & Recorder's recording fee of $13.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page.

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