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Welcome to the Public Works Department 


To provide professional administrative and technical support to the divisions and citizens of Mesa County for physical improvements through design and maintenance of roads, bridges, traffic control systems and building inspection.

Conservation easement documents:

     National Policy Analysis

     Deed of Conservation Easements

     GIS Conservation Easements

     July 24, 2015, letter

     Letter of support from Montrose

     Letter of support GOCO grant

 Other projects/info:

  O Road Study - Posted 12/18/2017

O Road Appendix A-H - Posted 12/18/2017

   Video on emergency response to West Salt Creek Landslide (Landslide was May 25, 2014. Video produced January 2016) 

   Bosley Wash Detention Basin  Public Notice 

   Town Hall Meeting on Proposed Route Closures Video  - June 24 

   BLM presentation for June 24 Town Hall

   Current Projects

   Vested Interest Routes to be closed under Travel Management Plan

   Routes to be deferred in final Travel Management Plan

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