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2017 Road District A Minor Structure Inspection Project  

Pertinent Informatiom

Project Description

Contact Information:

Please contact Erik Borschel for questions regarding this project.

Phone:  (970) 255-7190 or 


All questions shall be in writing and received 7 days prior to bid opening.

Project Summary:

Mesa County Public Works is soliciting qualification submittals and proposals from engineering firms interested in providing professional services for design, project management and preparation of construction contract documents for the 2017 Minor Structure Inspection Reports.

 Mesa County Public Works is soliciting proposals from qualified firms that are interested in performing field inspections, rating, reporting and other services as required to complete the intent of this project on the 148 minor structures in Mesa County Road District A.  These structures are inclusive to bridges and culverts that do not qualify for the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) inspections and culverts that are greater than 48” in diameter.  Structures qualifying for NBIS inspections but not inspected on the latest CDOT off system inspections shall be reported to Mesa County and CDOT.

Selected Firm:  Alfred Benesch & Co.

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