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When are permits required?

Mesa County issues permits for ANY construction activities within the Mesa County Right of Way. Which includes all public drainage easements, rights-of-way and roads, whether gravel or paved, under the control and jurisdiction of Mesa County. Permits are also required for the transportation of vehicles or loads which exceed the legal load limit for size or weight, as defined by The Colorado Department of Transportation.

Why are permits required?

Permits are designed to assist in the facilitation of safe and proper construction activities and the safe movement of oversize/overweight vehicles within public Rights of Way under the jurisdiction of Mesa County. Liabilities to the traveling public, the contractor/carrier, owner and Mesa County are minimized through diligent adherence to the conditions of permits issued by Mesa County. Inspections are performed by the staff of Mesa County Engineering in an effort to preserve the integrity and safety of our transportation corridors. We want our roads to be safe for everyone who uses them or works in them.

How is a permit obtained?

All permits may be obtained from our office at 200 S. Spruce in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. Or, call one of the numbers at the top of this page and we will be happy to mail you the appropriate form.

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