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Snow plowing and sanding of icy roads  

What is it:

Snow removal on major roads and bus routes.

Why is it done:

Snow removal is critical for safe transportation of Mesa County residents.

When we do it:

Snow plowing usually begins around 2:00a.m. This continues until all major roads and bus routes are clear of ice and snow. Plows are often out during the night time hours opening roads

What can be expected:

A sand and salt mixture is applied to the road surface for better traction and ice abatement. The use of mag-chloride is also used on several snow plow routes throughout the valley. Snow plowing is not done in sub-divisions because of the lack of area to store snow that has been plowed. Sanding is limited to stop signs, hills, curves and bus routes within the sub-divisions. 

 Learn more: 

         Snow removal program

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