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Mesa County Engineering administers the Mesa County OWTS (onsite wastewater treatment system) Regulations promulgated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The goal is to ensure proper onsite wastewater disposal in areas which are not served by municipal sewer.  This Department issues all OWTS/septic permits, septic clearances and reviews land use applications where an OWTS is proposed.  All OWTS installers and pumpers/cleaners must be licensed by this Department to install, pump and haul wastewater to a treatment facility.  The staff also responds to complaints relating to the violation of any part of these Regulations.

2014 Regulations

Accepted Septic Tanks for Use in Colorado

Septic System Location Map (Select Septic Systems from Map Theme list)

Septic System Location Map DIRECTIONS

 CDPHE OWTS Program Link

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