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Regulatory Compliance Manager  

Jennifer Richardson- Regulatory Compliance Manager

Mrs. Richardson received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Mesa State College in 2011.  Within this degree program she has studied areas of pollution control, grassland and shrub land ecosystems, fire ecology, soils, hydrology, and air quality. Mrs. Richardson is a certified Wetland Scientist and Storm Water Management Supervisor. Prior to joining the Mesa County Solid Waste team she provided environmental consultation for the oil and gas industries of western Colorado. Her work in the industry included USACE Section 404 regulatory compliance, permitting, and wetland delineations; COGCC Rule 901.e. sensitive area determinations; CDPHE storm water management implementation and active construction oversight; and reclamation implementation and oversight. 

Mrs. Richardson has been employed with Mesa County Solid Waste Management since May 2013. As the Regulatory Compliance Manager she is responsible for ensuring that the Mesa County Landfill maintains compliance with all federal, state, and county regulations. Mrs. Richardson is excited to assist the Landfill with their goals of extending the life of the landfill through their recycling, composting, and community outreach programs.

Please contact Mrs. Richardson with questions related to Regulatory Complliance or the  Industrial Special Waste Management Program .

Office: (970) 254-4158


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