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Transporting Hazardous Materials  

It is important that all hazardous materials are transported to the facility safely from your home or business.

Here are some tips for safe transportation: 

  • Read all labels before transporting hazardous materials, paying careful attention to product dangers.
  • Do not mix products unless instructed by label directions. Mixing products can cause explosive or poisonous chemical reactions.
  • Leave all hazardous materials in their original container.
  • Have all containers labeled. If you do not know what the material is please inform the technician receiving your waste.
  • Make certain lids and caps are tightly sealed.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation in your automobile.
  • Transport materials in newspaper or plastic lined boxes. This will ensure that if a product leaks it won't stain your upholstery.
  • Please inform the technician receiving your waste if you have used syringes or sharps for disposal.

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