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Uncovered trash loads contribute to litter and safety issues along the roads of the Grand Valley.  Per Colorado Model Traffic Code Part 14-1407 "Spilling loads on highways prohibited - prevention of spilling of aggregate, trash, or recyclables" all vehicles traveling to the Mesa County Landfill or related transfer stations must be covered and secured.   

When driving to the landfill or transfer stations, all wastes regardless of type, size or weight must be completely covered with a tarp and secured to your vehicle/trailer or FEES WILL BE DOUBLED.

Examples of uncovered loads include:

  • Loads containing appliances that have not been tied down and covered with a tarp,
  • Loads that contain loose waste, bags or boxes, and debris,
  • All loads that are not secured and completely covered, including cement and rock,
  • Loads containing garbage cans that are not secured and covered.

For more information concerning uncovered trash loads please call 970-241-6846.

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