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Other Recycling in Mesa County  

Other options for Recycling in Mesa County:

Waste Management

Address: 1227 Winters Avenue

Phone: 243-4345

Aluminum, glass, plastics #1 -#7, office paper, magazines, steel cans, newspaper, phone books, cardboard, electronics. Call for associated fees.
Curbside Recycling Indefinitely  

Address: 333 West Avenue 
Phone: 242-1036

Aluminum, steel cans, glass, plastics #1, #2, and #5, cardboard, newspaper, office paper, magazines.  Call for more information.
Commercial Refuse Service (CRS)

Phone: 243-8555

Curbside Pick-up- Call for information.

For more Recycling, Composting and Electronics Recycling options in Colorado visit CDPHE's Recycling Website

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