Contact Information

544 Rood Avenue
Old Courthouse
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Department 5010
P.O. Box 20,000
Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001

(970) 244-1800

Strategic Plan

The Board of County Commissioners have provided updated guidance for the governance of Mesa County. This strategic plan, rolled out in June 2013, serves as a roadmap to our leaders and employees, as well as a measuring stick of performance for our community.


Mesa County supports and enhances our community by efficiently addressing needs and services.


Mesa County is a magnet for business opportunity that is an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family, while enjoying our abundant recreational resources.

Mesa County's Guiding Values

  • Leadership - We lead efforts that meet our mission, vision and goals by active listening, being approachable, motivating others to action and by aligning our resources efficiently and responsibly.
  • Service - Our public service is valuable, needed and respected. We are committed to serving the community through our work and volunteer efforts.
  • Integrity – We are leaders and employees that earn trust and build honest, respectful relationships between our organization and our citizens.
  • Respect - We treat others as we would like to be treated. Everyone should be treated professionally and with dignity.
  • Dedication – We focus our energy on accomplishing our goals and being able to withstand setbacks. We work hard to meet the challenges of balancing public service and policy-making.
  • Liberty – We strive to enhance and preserve responsible individual freedom.

These values are expected to provide direction to our organization regarding its professional conduct, both collectively and individually.

What does success look like?

  • Create a positive sense of community safety through collaborative, proactive, and responsive public safety agencies.
  • Efficient delivery of services throughout Mesa County by balancing safety, need and community priorities.
  • Grow and sustain a healthy and conservative fund balance that protects county services from the unpredictable fluctuations in our economy.
  • Invest public resources in our community through continuing infrastructure improvements.
  • Our economic prosperity is inextricably linked to our community’s success by being attractive to business in all aspects. We accomplish this by encouraging business expansion, new business development, and meaningful job growth. A prosperous economy can result in a lower need for government assistance.
  • \Keep community plans current, relevant, flexible and reflective of emerging needs.
  • Employees are highly motivated to contribute to the success of Mesa County and to their own personal success.
  • Our employees feel valued and understand that their contributions are critical to Mesa County’s success.