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Economic Development

The Mesa County Economic Vitality Team is composed of key staff and departments within the Mesa County government that specialize in fostering a positive business climate and a healthy economy. Mesa County has made a healthy local economy one of our highest priorities.
Economic Indicators and Statistics

Economic Vitality Team:

Mesa County Administration: The Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator work closely with the community and businesses to ensure that our county government is a business-friendly partner. For direct questions or assistance contact: the Mesa County Administrator, at (970) 244-1800.
Mesa County Workforce Center: Our Workforce Center works its magic when working closely with businesses looking into workforce or labor trends and research. Looking to hire or expand in Mesa County? Contact the Workforce Center directly, at (970) 248-0871.  
Planning and Development Services: A key division in the world of economic develop is the Planning and Development Services arena. We can help streamline your applications, walk you through the Mesa County Government Land Development Codes, help you with the forms and provide zoning maps. Contact the Planning Department for further information, at (970) 244-1769, or get started, at Planning Division Economic Development.
The three fold goals of the Mesa County Economic Development Plan are:
  1. Become an Epicenter for Energy Innovation
  2. Elevate the Community Profile
  3. Support the Growth of Existing Business