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Complaint Process

Mesa County Code Compliance works to ensure all properties within unincorporated Mesa County comply with the Mesa County Land Development Code and Public Health Codes. Through a two-pronged approach of 1) working with the property owner to achieve voluntary complinace and 2) by pursuing legal action for uncorrected violations, Code Compliance works to improve the health, safety and aesthetic appearane of Mesa County.

Types of Violations that will be investigated include:
  • Construction in Setbacks
  • Home Occupations without Required Permits
  • Illegal Outdoor Storage (Junk)
  • Animals
  • Illegal Burning
  • Land Use without Required Permits
  • Signs without Required Permits
  • Inoperable/ Unlicensed Vehicles on Property
  • Multiple Dwellings
  • Nuisance Complaints

Types of Violations that WILL NOT be investigated include:
  • Weeds- Mesa County does not have a weed ordinance
  • Inoperable/ Unlicensed Vehichles in a Right-of-Way- Please contact the Sheriff's Office in unincorporated areas of Mesa County or the appropriate jurisdiction's police department if in town or city limits.

What Happens When You File A Code Compliance Compaint?


Once you submit a complaint, a case file is opened.

  • Please note:
    • Anonymous complaints are not accepted as complaintants could be called as a witness.
    • All information provided is subject to open records requests.
    • If you feel your concern is a life safety issue, please immediately call the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.


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A Code Compliance Officer will be assigned to the case and begin an investigation within ten (10) businessess days to determine whether or not a violation exists.


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If a Code Violation is confirmed, a Notice to Comply may be issued to the property owner and/or occupant, requesting that the violation be corrected.


If a Code Violation is corrected the case will be closed and a notice will be given to the complaintant and the property owner/ resident.




If a Code Violation remains after attempts to gain voluntary compliance, cases are given a Priority Rating to determine follow-up enforcement.


If the violation continues to remain uncorrected, the case may be taken to the County Attorney's Office to litigate or prosecute.