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The Board of County Commissioners offer online services that allow you to access live and archived Public Hearing Agendas, Minutes and videos. To​ ​view Board of County Commissioners' videos or the Land Use videos select​ ​the agenda for the​ ​desired meeting. Once the agenda is open, you may select the​ ​hearing item of interest to view.


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If you would like to speak at a public meeting, but cannot attend in person, you may do so virtually. Please read and complete the "Public Hearing Participation Sign Up" form no later than 8:00am on the day of the meeting.

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If you would like to be added to the Agenda distribution list, please email or contact us (970) 244-1800.


View the Archived Administrative Agendas or Archived Administrative Minutes prior to April 6, 2015.

View the Archived Agendas for Land Use meetings or the Archived Land Use meeting prior to March 8, 2016.





  Effective September 8, 2021, the Board of County Commissioners have discontinued making proclamations at their public hearings to find more meaningful ways to help raise awareness about worthy causes.

  Years ago, proclamations were often covered by media, and it was a great tool to raise awareness for a range of causes, but the interest in the proclamations has dwindled over the years, and only a handful of people that attend public hearings hear about the issue.

  Instead of proclamations, Mesa County is happy to share appropriate materials on our social media pages. If you have campaign materials or flyers to promote a special event, please send them to the Public Information Officer (PIO) at for approval to help raise awareness for your cause