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Frequently Asked Questions

Codes and Code Enforcement vary throughout Mesa County. If you are in a municipal area, please refer to the applicable city or town Codes. For residents in unincorporated Mesa County, please refer to the Mesa County Code. Please note: requirements may also be different for residential and commercial properties.

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Irrigation disputes or concerns about run-off from an adjacent property are a civil matter between property owners. Mesa County does not regulate these disputes. Please contact your irrigation district for more information.

Area Resources

Grand Valley Irrigation Company (970) 242-2762

Grand Valley Drainage District  (970) 242-4343

Mesa County Floodplain Management  (970) 244-1811


Land Development Codes may differ from your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or Covenants. Neither Mesa County, nor any municipality regulates HOA’s. If you have a dispute please contact your HOA board or the Colorado Division of Real Estate.

Area Resources

Service Animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Regulation. Please note that a service animal is not the same as an emotional support animal. For more information, visit or call the U.S. Department of Civil Rights.

Resources and Educational Contacts

American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA)  (800) 514-0301

For general information about landlord/ tenant rights and responsibilities in Colorado, please reference one of the below links.

Resources and Educational Contacts

Colorado Division of Civil Rights  (303) 894-7855 or (800) 866-7675

U.S. Housing & Urban Development (800) 955-2232

Landlord/ Tenants Rights Pamphlet

For all other questions/ concerns including inquiries about domestic animals or the number of animals you are allowed to keep on your property, please contact your area Code Enforcement Department.

Mesa County Animal Services enforces licensing for dogs, dogs at-large, barking dogs, and animal bites.

Area Resources

Mesa County Animal Services  (970) 242-4646

Codes regarding the use of recreation vehicles (RV’s) and/or camp trailers for long-term living quarters vary depending on your property location. Please contact the appropriate Community Development Department for the requirements in your area.

Area Resources

Mesa County Planning Department, Chapter 7.13.12  (970)244-1636

City of Fruita Code Enforcement  (970) 858-0763

City of Grand Junction Code Enforcement  (970) 244-1593

Town of Palisade Code Enforcement   (970) 464-5601

Town of DeBeque Code Enforcement  (970) 283-5475

Town of Collbran Municipal Code  (970) 487-3751


While unincorporated Mesa County doesn’t currently have a weed ordinance, many municipalities in Mesa County do have weed maintenance requirements for property owners. The requirements may also include weed management in adjacent roadways and alleys.

Area Resources

City of Grand Junction Code Enforcement  (970) 244-1593

City of Fruita Code Enforcement  (970) 858-0763

Town of Collbran Municipal Code  (970) 487-3751

Town of Palisade Code Enforcement  (970) 464-5601

Town of DeBeque Code Enforcement  (970) 283-5475


Mesa County does have a noxious weed program throughout the County  Mesa County Weed & Pest  (970) 255-7121

Trash and junk accumulation are not only unsightly but may also pose a risk to the health and safety of our residents and environment. If you are concerned about a property in your area, please contact the appropriate Code Compliance Department.

If you believe work is being done without proper permits, you may contact your area Community Development Department to inquire.

Typically all structures, sheds (permanent or moveable), patio covers, etc. need to meet setbacks and need planning clearances and building permits. Before building, remodeling or installing a structure on your property, contact your area Community Development Department to determine requirements and to receive the appropriate permit.

Setbacks, planning clearances and building permits may be required when building a fence. Before building, it is best to contact your area Community Development Department to ensure your project meets all requirements and to receive the appropriate permit before you begin building.