Community Halls Project

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Community Halls build strong, safe and inclusive communities; social interaction, volunteerism, and civic pride while promoting:

  • Serving the entire county
  • Supporting local economy
  • Safety
  • Community Space
  • Property Values

A Mesa County Community Hall hosts all kinds of events and is the hub for outdoor activities such as a playground, concerts, and celebrations.

  • Public Meetings

  • Children/Youth/Adult Sports

  • Art Classes

  • Weddings and Celebrations

  • Exercise Classes

  • Cooking Events

  • Community Garden

  • Job Fairs

  • Community Library

  • Health Clinics

  • Job Fairs

  • Hobby Gatherings

  • Performances

  • Children/Youth/Adult Learning Classes

  • 4-H


To provide an efficient and effectively managed network of community halls across the County that provides venues for people to meet and participate in the life of their communities and neighborhoods.


  • Connect and empower residents.
  • Community halls will meet the foreseeable recreation, cultural, social and sporting needs of the community.
  • County-owned facilities are only part of a network of community halls and meeting facilities available to the community.
  • Ensure that there is a geographical spread of halls and community halls throughout the County. The size and range of hall facilities offer sufficient variety to ensure a range of uses.


  • To provide a guide to decision-making on hall or community halls proposals and facility divestment.
  • To inform the community about the County’s approach to the Community Halls Project.
  • To engage the community and receive feedback and input.

General Criteria

When deciding where a hall could be built, redeveloped, or divested, the County will consider the following criteria:

  • The geographical spread of available community halls for community use
  • Opportunities for community partnerships
  • Financial viability

Groundbreaking / Construction Begin June 1, 2022




Mesa County is working to acquire property adjacent to Rocky Mountain Elementary School, 3260 D 1/2 Road, in Clifton.


To build a community campus that will meet the needs and better serve residents in Clifton.


To promote a better quality of life through accessible services and resources while connecting community members. (Other: public safety, recreation, and health equity.)

Public engagement is critical in developing the campus. The early stages should give ample opportunity for residents to give input.

  • Agencies will work on a joint PowerPoint presentation to share at the public meeting on Aug. 19.
    • Partners will be responsible for managing each of their respective agency stations and will provide their own comment cards and materials as well as a Spanish-speaking translator.
    • Key messaging and questions.
      • We are here to listen.
      • We are in the early stages — the location is still a hayfield. Nothing is a done deal without the neighborhood’s input.
      • Strong processes and active partnerships matter when it comes to strengthening our community.
      • We work together with our residents and businesses to create a better Mesa County.
      • We can leverage our strengths to tackle our challenges before they become problems. We can lead and innovate with the services and resources that Mesa County provides at the campus.
        • We do not have all the details — this is what we have for now, what do you think?
        • What services would you like to see?
        • What services do you not have access to that you need in Clifton?
  • Clifton Town Hall:
    • Anticipated to be approximately 13,000 square feet
    • One high school size basketball court with four additional hoops, two on each side for halfcourt play
    • Court would double/entertain seating for 400 for other events
      Storage for tables & chairs
    • One commercial pantry/banquette kitchen
    • Two offices
    • Two restrooms with an estimated six water closets in each
    • Exterior primary age playground & swing sets
      Exterior toddler age playground & swing sets
    • Exterior 40' to 60' gazebo
    • Exterior movie wall
    • Exterior handball court
    • Exterior Restrooms
    • Exterior grass areas
    • Exterior landscaping
  • Childcare Center
    • 200+ child care spots offering ample CO Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) spots
    • Serving infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children
    • Kitchen for healthy child care meals and snacks
    • Indoor gross motor skills area
    • Space for child evaluations and screenings
    • Observation rooms for workforce training
    • Office space for early childhood support services, including Partnership for Children and Families
    • Meeting space for early childhood workforce trainings
  • Clifton Library Branch
    • 3 Classrooms (20 capacity)
    • 3 study rooms (2 capacity)
    • 3 Multipurpose rooms (50 capacity)
      There are other library study rooms, conference rooms and outdoor classrooms in the current plan that could also be utilized.

Clifton Community Hall Project

Open House August 18, 2021 De Beque Town Hall from 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Open House Flyer

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