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Are you interested in learning more about the Election process?

High School Registrars are essential to the voter registration process. It is the intent to promote and encourage voter registration to all and to provide convenient registration procedures for qualified high school students, employees and other persons.

Every Colorado high school is required by law to designate a staff member to be trained in Voter Registration. The training course in Mesa County consists of

  • Handbook
  • Hands-on training at the elections office
  • Present voter registration form
  • Answering questions.
Graphic for Election Day Don't forget to Vote with a group of raised hands

Colorado Election Law

Title 1, Article 2, Part 4, 1-2-402 and 1-2-403 of Colorado Revised Statutes states that

  • Every public high school principal needs to appoint a staff person to help citizens register to vote while on school grounds (this person is referred to in statue as a "high school deputy registrar'').
  • This person is trained in voter registration basics by their county clerk's office. View the State of Colorado - County Clerk and Recorders Elections Division - County Clerk Roster to find the contact information for your County. 
  • Training varies by county but is typically either a short in-person training (30 minutes), short online video or webinar, or a package of physical materials, such as a training handbook, sent to the designated high school staff member.
  • The county clerk maintains a list of local high schools and their appointed high school registration designated staff members (sometimes referred to as a voter registration liaison or deputy registrar) and
  • The Clerk's office acts as a resource for all voter registration questions.

A high school can have more than one designee trained in voter registration.

Importance of High School Programs

Programs at school that encourage civics and voting give students an opportunity to engage as leaders within the school and community. In Colorado, we have recognized the importance of engaging our youth participating in voting and have seen the benefit of high schools role in that development. Democracy depends on participation.   

Much of this success is because of our education system, dedicated high school registrars, and the continued growth of our youth.

High School Voter Registration Challenge

The Colorado Secretary of State encourages peer to peer non-partisan voter registration, participation and civic engagement. Through peer to peer registration, you can earn your school the Colorado Secretary of State’s Eliza Pickrell Routt Award.

If you believe your school has reached 85% (or more) of registered eligible seniors,

Office of Colorado Secretary of State

1700 Broadway, Suite 550

Denver, CO 80290


Fax: 303-869-4861 

If you have any questions, please email

High school voter registration challenge

List of Colorado high schools that have been awarded the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award

Photograph of Eliza Pickrell Routt

Eliza Pickrell