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The Mesa County Building Department provides inspections for building and septic permits for each jurisdiction and unincorporated Mesa County.  You may now schedule an inspection on the Customer Portal, or by phone or text.

If you experience technical difficulties when scheduling an inspection, please call 970-244-1631 or e-mail

The State of Colorado now requires upfront notification of all school projects that will be inspected by any entity outside of the State. All school projects handled by Mesa County will require proof of applicant notification to the State that Mesa County is going to review and inspect prior to issuance of the permit. The State will provide confirmation via email to whoever provides the notification, this can be used as the proof for permit issuance. Public School Requirements


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Sign in to your account on the Mesa County Customer Portal 

Click on the blue Inspections button.

  1. Click the green request Inspection button on the top left side of the page. 
  2. Enter the permit number or click the drop down button in the search box to find the appropriate permit.
  3. Click on select inspection types to see the list of inspections. Click the check box next to the inspection(s) you would like to request for the permit. When finished selecting inspections, click the green select button.
  4. Choose the date you would like the inspection to take place. You may choose one or two days out. Inspections can be scheduled for the same day or the next business day if received by 7:00 am. All inspections requested later than 7:00 am can be scheduled for the one of the next 2 business days.
  5. You may leave a short message (e.g. gate code, phone number, etc) for the Inspector in the comments field.
  6. Click the green submit button. 

If you need to cancel the inspection you may click the cancel button next to the inspection on the my inspections page.

When the inspection is complete, you will see the results and Inspector comments by clicking on the inspection.

To schedule an inspection by phone, dial 970-256-1564. 

After the greeting, press 1 to schedule an inspection.

  1. If your permit begins with S, press 1
  2. If your permit begins with PM, press 2
  3. If your permit has no letters, press 3
  4. Enter your permit number and press the # sign. The permit number and the address will be spoken back to you.
  5. Enter the 3-digit inspection code and press the # sign or press the * key to hear a list of inspection codes. The inspection type will be spoken back to you.
  6. To schedule for the following working day, press 1

To cancel or reschedule an inspection, press 2

Note: If the inspection you are requesting is a multi-type inspection, you will need to enter each inspection individually.

  1.  To leave a message for the inspector, press 1.

     If you do not want to leave a message, press 2.

2. You may request to hear a confirmation number by pressing 1. Please make note of the confirmation number. If an inspection does not take place, we can track it down with this number.

3. If you need to schedule another inspection for the same permit number, press 2.


To obtain results, press 3

To return to the main menu, press 4.

To hear the options again, press 9.

To speak to department staff, press 0.

To text your inspection request, begin by texting the word SCHEDULE to 844-987-4628 and follow the prompts.

To obtain inspection results by phone, contact the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by dialing 970-256-1564.

  1. To hear the results for a single inspection, press 1
  2. To obtain the results history for the permit, press 2
  3. To return to the previous menu, press 3

Inspection codes

Permit inspection notice

The Building Inspection IVR and text message inspection request lines are open.  Please note that the text request line number has changed to 844-987-4628. The prompts for the system have also changed. If you experience technical difficulties with our IVR system or text request line, please call 970-255-7169 or e-mail

You may download the inspection codes below.

Building Sample Inspection Codes 05.08.23

Septic Inspection Codes 10.14.2022