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There are 56,524 Building Department pre 1988 related documents available for searching and viewing. Document types include Applications, Permits, and Certificates of Occupancy. Click on the button below to begin your search.

Pre 1988 Building Records Search

Tips for searching:

  • Searching by date or a date range is optional.
  • Searching requires at least 1 field value to be filled in.
  • The “*” character can be used as a wild card alone or in combination with other characters. It is recommended to search on part of the bldg street address, for example 544 Rood*.
  • After completing the desired search field, click the blue Search button to populate documents for that address.
  • Click on the document you would like to review. 

Notice: Due to a computer issue the permit number sequence skips from 16-02452 to 16-03409. No permits were issued in this permit number span.

If you would like additional assistance, please contact the Mesa County Community Development Department at (970) 244-1636 or by email at