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Want to know more about our team?

  • The Mesa County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard is a joint Honor Guard formed in 2005¬†from both the Mesa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) and the Grand Junction Police Department (GJPD). It includes:
    • Several Deputies.
    • Sergeants.
    • Lieutenants.
  • After the first year, Sergeant Anthony Lee from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office took control of the group.
  • Leadership position was passed to Sergeant Lonnie Chavez of the Grand Junction Police Department in 2012.
  • Sergeant Chavez currently oversees the Honor Guard's main activities.
  • In the last few years, we have reached out to other local agencies to join us.
  • We have had participants from the Grand Junction Fire Department assist in presenting the flags at local events.
  • The MCSO portion of the guard boasts members from both patrol and detentions.
Photograph of Mesa County Sheriff Honor Guard in line carrying rifles and US flag

Flag presentation ceremonies 

  • Our Honor Guard was the first non-military guard to have presented the flags in the Colorado House of Representatives.
    • An honor that was bestowed upon us on two different occasions by invitation of the General Assembly.
  • We present the American flag, Colorado flag, and the state flags.
    • For the teams participating in the Junior College World Series (JUCO) Championship game held in Grand Junction each May.
  • Twice each year we present the flags for the Western Colorado Peace Officers Academy graduations.
    • To honor those who will be serving with us in the near future.
  • The Honor Guard has presided over one local line of duty funeral, for MCSO Deputy Derek Geer in February 2016.
Black and white photograph of Mesa County Honor Guard