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About SWAT

The mission of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT is to resolve high-risk incidents safely.  

The SWAT team is called upon to respond to various incidents, including hostage incidents, armed and barricaded persons, and high-risk search warrants.


Photograph of Grand Valley Tactical Rescue Vehicle with a deputy standing up through hole in the roof of the vehicle and two deputies standing at the rear of the vehicle pointing gun and rifle

The team

SWAT is a “part-time” team, which means team members primarily serve in other positions within the agency daily.  SWAT members are selected based on their knowledge, skills, and abilities and receive regular training to enhance the team’s effectiveness and abilities to achieve the mission.

In addition, SWAT works to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics of Colorado and the athletes.  Team members organize the Law Enforcement Torch Run, participate in the Special Olympic Games, and work Tip-a-Cop fundraisers to support the special athletes.


Photograph of SWAT Officers in tactical gear pointing rifles with scopes


Negotiators work closely with  SWAT and SORT (Special Operations Response Team) to resolve situations peacefully and without force within the community and Detention Facility.

Negotiators are trained to communicate with suicidal subjects, barricaded subjects, and hostage situations to prevent the escalation of violence and potential injury to the subject or innocent bystanders.

Photograph of three female SWAT Negotiators in the back of a vehicle with white board showing notes