The Stable is a recent addition to the Fairgrounds and was built in 2011. These stalls fully enclose the animals they hold. Users may choose the North Barns instead, which allow animals to see one another through the railings.


Overnight boarding is allowed for one-night stays. Permits are issued by the office. Fees are $25 per stall per night which includes a bag of shavings and clean-up, and is payable in advance. Advanced reservations are encouraged to reserve stall space.

    • Enclosed barn
    • Stalls are fully enclosed
    • 75 Stalls
    • 12 ft x 12 ft  &  10 ft x 12 ft

Note: Total stall capacity at the Fairgrounds is 245 stalls. (Includes North Barns, Stable, and Portable Stalls.)

Users will need to provide all bedding, feed, water, and care for any and all horses housed or otherwise brought onto the premises. Horse stall cleaning performed by the Fairgrounds staff is charged at $5.00 per stall. Animal owners must maintain and care for all animals in a manner consistent with the standards as established by Mesa County Animal Control. The Fairgrounds reserves the right to do periodic inspections and to contact Animal Control if they feel it is necessary.

Width / Length  Square Feet 
12' x 12'  144 sq. ft. 
10' x 12'  120 sq. ft. 
Boarding (includes shavings & cleaning)  $25 per night 
Shavings  $10 per bag 

The Mesa County Fairgrounds does have a helmet policy for all riders age 17 and under. Due to the unpredictability in equine behavior, and a concern for the health and well-being of children, the Mesa County Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution MCM-2001-135 requiring the use of equine industry standard helmets or the signing of a notarized waiver of liability by the parent or guardian. This resolution applies to individual riders and boarders, as well as all organizers, and promoters of equine events.

Horses should only be tied to horse trailers. Violators will be assessed a clean-up and damage fee. Absolutely no tie-ups are allowed in parking areas, to barn doors, water faucets, arenas, or similar devices or structures. Tying horses to any arena is not permitted.

Animals are to be washed only at wash racks.

Washing vehicles at wash racks is prohibited