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Japanese Beetles have been discovered breeding in Appleton area.

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The Japanese Beetle poses a significant threat to Mesa County’s environment in its adult and larvae stages.

Adult beetles consume leaves, buds, and flowers of many garden and landscape plants, while larvae feed on grass roots, causing root pruning and limiting water absorption.

Working together as a community to eliminate this invasive pest is crucial to protecting our agricultural economy in Mesa County. 

Residents in infested areas are encouraged to participate in treatment options provided by the County, make grub control applications themselves in April, or dry down their lawns from May-August. 

Those outside the infested area can proactively treat their lawns for grubs in April. 

The County recommends treating the Japanese Beetle in all stages with Acelepryn, a reduced-risk pesticide. Other formulations of grub control pesticides are available at garden centers and are relatively easy to apply.

Please visit our website to find more information on how you can do your part to save Mesa County agriculture.

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Japanese beetle feeding on green leaf.