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Governor Jared Polis has appointed Mesa County Assessor Brent Goff to serve on the  Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers. This appointment is a testament to Goff's track record in the real estate industry since 1987 and his unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

"I am honored to be appointed to the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers,” said Assessor Goff. “It is a position involving a high level of public trust and an opportunity to give back to a profession that has served me well since 1987."

The Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers operates under the Division of Real Estate. It plays a role in ensuring the quality and competence of real estate appraisers across the state. Comprising seven members, the Board convenes monthly to conduct rulemaking hearings, make critical policy decisions, address licensing matters, investigate complaints, and enforce disciplinary actions against real estate appraisers.

The Board's membership reflects diverse expertise, with representation from licensed or certified appraisers, individuals with eminent domain knowledge, commercial banking professionals experienced in real estate lending, an officer or employee from an appraisal management company, and one member from the public. Each member serves a three-year term, contributing their expertise to uphold the highest standards in the industry.

The current members of the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers are as follows:

Mickey Sanders - Chair (Public Member)

Denver - Term ends 07/01/2024

Christopher Chippindale - Vice Chair (Commercial Banking)

Highlands Ranch – Term ends 07/01/2024

Patrice Campbell (Eminent Domain)

Grand Junction - Term ends 07/01/2024

Daisy Glassburn (Licensed Appraiser)

Parker - Term ends 07/01/2026

Brent Goff (County Assessor)

Palisade – Term ends 07/01/2026

Robert Stilo, Jr. (Licensed Appraiser)

Fort Collins – Term ends 07/01/2026

Clinton Taylor (Appraisal Management Company)

Lakewood - Term ends 07/01/2024

Goff is a former fee appraiser, appraisal course author, Colorado Certified General Appraiser, and lecturer at Colorado Mesa University. As an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, Goff is certified to teach appraisal standards & ethics nationwide. Goff's inclusion in the Board brings expertise to the decision-making process and ensures that the interests of the public and the real estate industry are safeguarded.

For more information visit the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers.


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