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On Nov. 14, at their administrative public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners approved a letter presented by Assessor Brent Goff regarding Governor Polis' Special Session on property tax reduction.

The letter states: 

“As the Mesa County Board of Commissioners, we are writing to commend you for convening a special legislative session on 2023 property tax relief. As you said at your press conference last week, doing nothing is not an option. 

While calling a special session is the right thing to do, it is also quite late in the year, considering the assessor certification process, local district budgeting, local districts certifying levies to the commissioners, treasurer's tax bill, etc. We encourage you and the legislature to sign a bill that offers significant tax relief for both residential and commercial taxpayers. Time is of the essence. 

We are calling on you and the legislature to provide fair and equitable treatment for all taxpayers statewide, not just in Mesa County. We also encourage you to enact legislation that is easily administered before the assessor certifies values next month.  To that end, SB23-303 had a provision mandating that homeowners make an application with the assessor to qualify as “primary residential.” An application such as this places an undue burden on thousands of taxpayers and an unnecessary administrative task for the assessor. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration.”

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