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Mesa County recently accomplished a significant cleanup effort at a property in Clifton that has been under code violations for over two decades. Collaboration with the property owner and occupants, who agreed to permit the cleanup, along with assistance from a local Church Missions group, made this success possible and significantly reduced the cost.

"Initially, the cost of a potential court-ordered abatement for these violations was estimated to be $10,000 in labor," said Assistant County Attorney David Schwenke. "However, the county's innovative approach and the dedication of volunteers allowed them to undertake the cleanup at a cost well under half of the projected expenses. This approach also facilitated the county in closing the case without any further staff action, resources, costs, or the need for future court processes."

County officials emphasized their delight with the success of this cleanup endeavor. However, they clarified that they cannot repeat the same process if the property owner(s) commit any new violations in the future. 

"The cleanup process involved significant effort, and the Mesa County Attorney's Office was crucial in motivating the family members to initiate the cleanup process themselves before reaching an agreement with the property owner and occupants," said Senior Code Compliance Officer Greg St. Martin. "Before the county's intervention, the family had filled seven dumpsters with debris, showing their commitment to addressing environmental issues."

This success story showcases the importance of cooperation between Mesa County, community groups, and property owners in addressing cleanup challenges. Through collaborative efforts, substantial progress can be achieved, even in cases with longstanding issues.

Yard with junk in it.
Yard with junk in it.
Yard with junk in it.


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A property surrounded by junk and debri