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We're excited to share that Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland has been officially appointed to the Human Services Education Steering Committee by the National Association of Counties (NACo) President.

As a committee member, Janet will play a crucial role in shaping legislative policy decisions at the national level.

Congratulations, Commissioner Rowland! 

We also extend our congratulations to Mesa County Commissioner Bobbie Daniel, who has been officially appointed to the Community, Economic, and Workforce Development Steering Committee by NACo's President!

As a committee member, Bobbie will assume a vital role in influencing legislative policy to impact our county's economic growth and workforce development. 

Both Commissioners will actively participate in NACo's conferences, stay informed about legislative actions, and engage with colleagues across the nation. 

Once again, congratulations to Commissioner Janet Rowland and Commissioner Bobbie Daniel! 

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A crowed faces speakers at the 2023 National Association of Counties conference.