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Today, the Board of County Commissioners appointed two new members to the Board of Public Health during their July 24 administrative public hearing.

The two appointments include Trish Weber, M.D., whose term expires on April 30, 2027, and John Sheehan, MBA, FACHE, who will serve until April 30, 2028. Their addition comes after a unanimous decision made by the Board of County Commissioners on July 18, 2023, to increase the Board of Health's composition from five to seven members.

The Board of County Commissioners welcomes these dedicated individuals who are volunteering their valuable time on behalf of the community's best interests in every decision they make. 

Colorado law requires that each County establish and maintain a County Public Health agency or participate in a District Public Health Agency. Colorado Public Health Act of 2008 (Colorado Revised Statutes [C.R.S.] Section §25-1-508) states that the Board of County Commissioners shall appoint members of a County Board of Health. 

The Mesa County Board of Health consists of seven volunteer residents appointed by the  Board of County Commissioners to serve five-year, staggered terms.

The Board of Health serves as the governing board for Mesa County Public Health, whose mission is to "work collaboratively to anticipate and respond to conditions that impact the health of residents and visitors."

The Board of Health's responsibilities include assuring appropriate policy for Mesa County Public Health, hiring and supervising the Mesa County public health director, approving the department's budget, and providing oversight of department operations.

For more information on Board of Public Health members, agenda, and meeting details, visit the Board of Health's webpage.

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A picture of Trish Weber and John Sheenan