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Criminal Justice Services Department is hosting a week-long Crisis Intervention Team training to equip its employees and participants from other organizations with essential skills to support individuals who may be going through a mental health crisis.

This training aims to teach staff how to effectively connect individuals experiencing a crisis with the appropriate services they need. By providing employees with the tools to handle these situations with care and compassion, CJSD can work to create safer and more positive outcomes for all involved.

The training is open to public safety agencies to strengthen the continuum of care for individuals through collaboration and create a more cohesive and effective system for addressing mental health issues in our community. 

CJSD aims to train 40 individuals through two training sessions, the first held in March and the second scheduled for October.

Thanks to grant funding from the Multidisciplinary Crime Prevention and Crisis Intervention program, CJSD can provide this training at no cost to participants, allowing a broader range of individuals to receive the training and further expanding the potential for positive outcomes in our community.

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