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The Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) in Mesa County is dedicated to supporting individuals within the criminal justice system and the broader community. Their comprehensive approach includes a range of programs, each designed to foster positive change and rehabilitation.

One of the key offerings of CJSD is the Community Corrections Program, which provides a structured environment for offenders. This program is instrumental in helping individuals reintegrate into society by offering them the support and guidance they need to make better choices and lead a more productive life. These initiatives are tailored to meet the diverse needs of those within the criminal justice system, ranging from educational and vocational training to counseling and support groups.

Another significant component is Summit View Treatment Services. These services focus on addressing the underlying issues that may have led to criminal behavior, such as substance abuse or mental health challenges. By tackling these root causes, the program aims to reduce recidivism and help individuals build a stable, healthier future.

CJSD also administers various community-based programs. These programs are crucial in equipping individuals with the skills and resilience they need to overcome challenges and succeed while under various levels of supervision in the criminal justice system.

The staff at CJSD are critical to the success of these programs. They are skilled professionals and caring individuals deeply invested in the well-being and growth of those they serve. Their commitment is reflected in the organization's core values of integrity and service, which are critical in promoting public safety, reducing recidivism, and helping individuals lead more fulfilling lives. 

CJSD’s efforts not only aid those directly involved in the criminal justice system but also contribute to the overall health and safety of the community. By prioritizing and implementing strategies focused on rehabilitation and support, CJSD demonstrates a compassionate and successful approach to criminal justice.

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