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In a recent state audit, Mesa County Community Corrections (MCCC) achieved a notable milestone in its ongoing efforts to deliver exceptional correctional services that prioritize community safety and the successful reintegration of its clients into the community. MCCC scored the highest in the state for Performance Based Contracting in the core security standards. This audit included 37 focal areas across community corrections and treatment program standards.

"While this is a routine annual audit for the State of Colorado, it showcases the dedication, attention to detail, and service our Criminal Justice Officers display every day for the clients in Mesa County Community Corrections," Matt Lewis, Mesa County Director of Criminal Justice Services, said. "I could not be more proud of the service they provide to our community."

This audit evaluation process, year one in a three-year cycle, focused on core security measures — the foundation of the department's operations. This core security audit reviews the level of compliance and quality of work within the Colorado Community Corrections Standards.  

The audit, conducted over five days in June 2023, scrutinized a full year's operations, encompassing the department's service to 170 clients. It included documentation reviews, on-site observation of staff practices, and interviews with clients and staff. 

A dedicated team led by the Director of Community Corrections spent days with state representatives meticulously reviewing documents and practices of the program. The audit examined vital aspects like security protocols, contraband control, medication management, and community integration efforts. 

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