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By SAM KLOMHAUS Updated Feb 25, 2023

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein told the court on Friday that the Secret Service is almost finished going through the files of Christopher Lambros, the former St. Mary’s Medical Center nurse accused of sexually assaulting unconscious patients.

Lambros, 61, was arrested Oct. 25 on suspicion of sexual assault after police reported finding evidence on Lambros’ phone of the former nurse inappropriately touching or digitally penetrating at least four unconscious patients dating back to 2016. He was fired by the hospital after his arrest.

A complaint was raised against Lambros by another employee in the summer of 2022, leading to Lambros being put on administrative leave and the criminal investigation beginning. The employee said they saw Lambros taking a “selfie” with the patient’s genitals.

Police said a forensic analysis of Lambros’ phone revealed images of Lambros digitally penetrating patients and otherwise inappropriately touching them.

In one video, police said, Lambros can be heard saying “don’t ever get rid of these videos,” and “you need to keep them forever ... this is your Dexter collection,” an apparent reference to “Dexter,” a television drama about a serial killer that ran from 2006-2013 on Showtime.

Two of the alleged victims in the case have filed a lawsuit against Lambros and St. Mary’s Hospital.

The lawsuit filed alleges there could potentially be hundreds of victims, and states there are four terabytes of data, the equivalent of 700,000 cellphone videos, for the Secret Service to go through.

Rubinstein said he has been in contact with the Secret Service, which is very close to finishing with the files. Rubinstein said he expects some movement on the case soon. The next hearing is scheduled for April 5.

Lambros is being held at the Mesa County Jail on a $1 million bond.

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