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Are you wondering how Mesa County ensures our election equipment accurately tabulates votes?

A bipartisan Logic and Accuracy Test (LAT) Board publicly tested Mesa County’s election equipment on  Friday, Jan. 26, as we approach the 2024 Presidential Primary Election, and every test ballot came back with 100% tabulation accuracy. 

The Logic and Accuracy test includes three test decks — one covers every combination and configuration possible for voters, and each political party fills out a test deck with different vote variations.

The Logic and Accuracy Bipartisan Testing Board then used election equipment to scan and tabulate all three decks, which came back 100% accurate. 

LAT is just one way Mesa County Elections ensures accuracy in every vote. Learn more about Mesa County’s dedication to conducting safe and accurate elections on our website at

Four people sit at a long table filling out test decks, facing the camera.
A row of people look at different computer screens as one woman walks behind them.
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View from behind two people sitting in front of a computer. One man in a blue shirt and a woman in a red shirt with a tan vest.