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Mesa County Elections is excited to announce the final audit tool for the 2021 Coordinated Election as requested by the Board of County Commissioners. The public can now easily access and view the voted electronic ballot images to verify election results.

“By comparing or auditing ballots, with this additional layer, citizens can ensure that the voting machines and software function correctly by verifying the ballot image to the cast vote record,” said Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Bobbie Gross.

Users must register and create a profile with a valid email address and password to gain access to the tool. The tool allows users to view, sort, filter, and download election materials from the comfort of their homes, providing an extra level of transparency in the electoral process.

“Mesa County has taken many steps to ensure voter integrity by conducting multiple audits of the 2021 Coordinated Election results, and this audit tool was the final piece,” added Gross. “I look forward to having Elections continue to lead the way in promoting transparent, secure, accurate, and verifiable elections.”

This tool was purchased for the first time in 2021 as an added transparency option to audit the Coordinated Election. Redacting ballots took approximately 18 months, and, while the Elections office is looking for methods to speed this strategy along for a quicker turnaround in the future, this type of audit may not be available for every election.

To access the tool to view the ballot images, please visit the website (

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Voters can view ballot images online. A picture of an official ballot envelope.