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From Dec. 19 to April 29, 2024, the Mesa County Elections Department seeks public comment on the Voter Service and Polling Center locations for the Nov. 5, 2024, General Election. The Elections team will designate nine locations for the 2024 General Election, in line with state requirements. 

Voter Service and Polling Center locations must meet the following statutory requirements:

  • Proximity of public transportation lines and availability of parking
  • Geographic features, such as mountain passes, tend to affect access and convenience
  • Equitable distribution across the county to afford maximally convenient options for electors
  • The existence and location of population centers
  • Access for persons with disabilities
  • Use of existing voting locations that typically serve a significant number of electors
  • Use of public buildings that are known to electors in the county, especially to the extent that using such buildings results in cost savings compared to other potential locations¬†
  • When private locations are considered or designated as voter service and polling centers in accordance with Section 1-5-105 (3), methods and standards to ensure the security of voting conducted at such locations
  • Proximity to historically under-represented communities.

Use any of the methods below to submit your public comments and suggestions:



Mail to PO Box 20000, Grand Junction, CO 81502

In-person at 200 S Spruce Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501

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