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The Long Family Memorial Park Skatepark, 3118 E ½ Road, is set to be revamped in a project worth an estimated $249,900. The current skatepark equipment installed in 2008 will be entirely replaced to provide skaters with a fresh, modern space to enjoy.

As detailed in Mesa County's public documents, the improvement project aims to rebuild and upgrade the skatepark in line with contemporary standards and design, providing an engaging and safe environment for skateboard enthusiasts. Construction and removal of the current skatepark are anticipated to get underway in late summer.

Local skaters and community members are encouraged to learn more about the plans for the renovation and to contribute their thoughts and feedback to ensure the new park meets their needs. The anticipated completion date is late fall 2023.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming public meetings where you can learn more about the project and provide design input.

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The Long Family Memorial Park Skatepark at 3118 E ½ Road.